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What is Test plan?

Test Plan is managed in different Releases and each release can have multiple test cycles to complete the test plan and ensure functionalities. Test Cycle is always a part of Single Release and it is defined in the scope of the Test Release.

Consider the following points to understand what a Test Plan is:

  1. akaAT Management supports flexible and lightweight project management within the Test Planning module.

  2. Test Planning supports the Release and Cycle.

    • Release is usually known as Sprint in Agile methodology (or Milestone in Waterfall in methodology).

    • Cycle is known as Sub-Sprint or Iteration in Agile (or Sub-Milestone in Waterfall).

  3. Test Planning allows the users and stakeholders to manage and track all testing and development work schedules and actual status.

  4. Along with these, the your team can add requirements to the scope of these Release and Cycle.