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akaAT Management Overview

TestMan overview

TestMan is a Test Management Tool which supports the full life cycle of a Testing Project. It serves as a centralized platform for managing test cases, automation test data, user stories and many others. With its robust capabilities, it enhances collaboration and efficiency by providing a unified space for organizing, tracking, and analyzing every aspect of the testing process. This tool empowers teams to seamlessly navigate through testing phases, ensuring thorough coverage and successful project delivery.

Its key capabilities include: - Design test case & Baseline test case version - Build test planning & Execute parallel manual - automation testing - Monitoring of test execution and results by Chart Report & Traceability Report - Process customization - Manage fields, work flow - Work management - Epic, Requirement, Task, Bugs ...

Usage of agile/Waterfall test management solutions is critical for effective Quality Assurance. If the QA solution you use is integrated with issue tracking solutions, you’ll be able to iterate quickly and meet your schedule’s demands. TestMan is a perfect fit.