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Test Engine Overview

I. Introduction

  1. An Agent(Test Engine) was installed in a local server to manage executing Test Runs without installing akaAT Studio which waste much RAM when running

  2. Agent is also suitable for installing and running script in Linux which do not support UI

  3. Agent is suitable for 1 script but multiple running machines with multiple environments by Scheduling Job

  4. We provide solution for Scheduling running Automation Test script and Scheduling trigger Test Job in CI/CD Pipelines

Why Automation Job Scheduling?

  1. After createing automation job, you want to run script automatically event when you are not there, may be in the midnight or weekend or run by a defined frequence in a day.
  2. You want to integrate Testing job inside CI/CD pipeline to shorten the software development life cycle while delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in alignment with the business’ objectives.
  3. After running job you are able to see realtime report, from that you are able to have an overview and first assessment about your software's quality to make the proper and quickly decision.