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User Setup

1. Description

User Setup This is the place where you can manage all users in your Tenant. Users that being added to Tenant just can add to Project.

2. Pre-condition

  • You must have permission to set Users in Tenant
  • There must be an existing Tenant.
  • Users need to have an existing account in the system to be able to add to the tenant

3. Adding users to Tenant

  1. Go to Organization setting > User Setup

    • There is a table list of users in Tenant
  2. Click on Add User button to add new users

    • A pop-up Add users will appear with additional fields to fill out to add user docs\TestEngine\Admin Guide\Tenant Setting\User Setup\User_Setup_Img\Add user.png

Add user

  1. Fill in the fields for adding new users

    • User: name of user that wanting to add to. (Just users have registed on akaAT Manager system can add)

    • Role: One role for user(s) (View more in Roles in Tenant ). If you miss this step, default for added users is “User

  2. Product Access: The product(s) that users can be added to Project


  • Product(s) which bought by Tenant will be automatically switched on and you can switch off if you do not want add user to that product.

  • Product which not bought by Tenant will be automatically switched off and you cannot switch on

  • Clicking on Save button to add new user(s)

4. Delete Users from Tenant

  1. Go to “User Setup System shows list of user that added to Tenant

  2. Clicking on Bin icon of each user to delete that user from Tenant

  3. A message pop-up will appear and ask “Are you sure you want to remove "the name of account ..."?”

    • Simply click on [OK] button to remove Release.

Delete user

5. Set role for users

Beside setting role for users when adding user or editing user, you can set role for user quickly by this way

Go to “User Setup” → System will show table list of users

User's table

  1. In each user, clicking on Role name of Role column then selecting the role for which wanting to set user

Edit role


  • Just "Tenant Owner" can edit role