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Search test data with akaAT Test Management

Can't find the test information that you are looking for? This page will show you how to search for test information in akaAT Test Management and any user can use this function.

How to start using?

First, click on Test Data from the left navigation area. Next, you need to specify the test data you want to search and select it in Data source drop-down on the search bar. So now, you can start taking the actions below.


You can use the field filters to quickly find a test data or set of test data's in your project. You can also use combine the field filters together for a more specific search.

Search by filters


  1. From your project's search bar, select a pre-set filter, set the field filters, or both.

There will be some key fields (important fields) fixed on the search bar. The rest of the fields are in "More" picklist, user can click "More" to select other fields to filter*

  1. Select a test item to view its details.

  2. Select Clear all filters to clear your search criteria.

More Filters

Beside default fields for filtering, user can select more fields in "More" option


More Filters for Test Planning

This allows user to filter data in Test Planning. User can query test result in specific Test suite or the whole Test Cycle/Test Release